Sofia Vitória · Mother [Fernando Pessoa/Mário Laginha] (2016)

 Directed by Pedro Estêvão Semedo

[Poem: Fernando Pessoa (s.d.)​ · Music: Mário Laginha]

Mother, my cheeks are wet.
     Let down my hair and kiss
My brow. I seem to forget
     Even if I think of this.

Lullaby to me, mother,
     Lullaby to me.
I loved and was not loved, mother.
     Kiss me and let me be.

Let me sleep as of old, thy hand
     On my brow, so calm and so deep,
That I feel't on my soul, my soul fanned
     By thy breath on the face of my sleep.

I am but a little ship, mother,
     Lost out in the sea.
Lullaby to me, mother,
     Lullaby to me.

* Song title adapted from the 1st word of the poem. Original title: «Mother, my cheeks are wet».