Sting Songs · From The Labyrinth ~ Music by John Dowland (2006)

In darkness let me dwell

In darkness let me dwell,
The ground shall Sorrow be;
The roof Despair to bar
All cheerful light from me,
The walls of marble black
That moisten'd still shall weep;
My music hellish jarring sounds
To banish friendly sleep.
Thus wedded to my woes
And bedded to my tomb,
O let me living die,
Till death do come.

~ John Dowland


"Dowland, for me is the music of self reflection. Self reflection is a much undervalued concept in modern society. Self reflection leads to melancholy and that's a good emotion. It's not like depression which is a serious clinical problem. Melancholy leads to reflection, it leads to a sense of humility, a sense of kindness, of compassion - so we need it."

Sting, in BBC2 'The Culture Show', 09/06